Dr. Robert Zammit (Club Show)

In 1967 I started in the “Dog World” with my German Shepherd Strauss.  Due to my love of animals, I decided Veterinary Science was the only field for me.  In 1977 I graduated from Sydney University.  During my years studying I met many wonderful dog exhibitors, one being Jean Short.  Jean was the one that started my passion for OES.  

I have a great interest in Reproduction and Jean imported frozen semen in 1977 from Eng Ch Aberfells Georgy Porgy.   I did the insemination of Jean’s Old English Sheepdog bitch, Ch Patinka Vanity Fair. This was all so new and unknown but very exciting.   It was only a vaginal insemination but it produced a single pup, the first Old English Sheepdog pup in the world from frozen semen and the first registered pedigree dog ever by this method. I was there at conception and I was also there for the pup’s birth and rearing and naturally I found OES in my heart.   

I purchased my own pup shortly after but too busy to maintain coat, only exhibited him a few times. Still heavily involved with the breed through assisting breeders,

I met Fiona Fearon, whose dedication and passion for the breed saw me once again become involved with frozen semen to improve the breed DownUnder. Fiona and Carol D’Aoust had the first successful breeding from American frozen semen in Australia. I fell in love with Fiona and with her love of the breed. Fiona fortunately fell in love with me and so I inherited Old English Sheepdogs! Together with Carol and her husband Don, we imported one of Christina Bailey’s pups from England in the early nineties, LamedaZottels Hornblower.

Since then we have used semen from many parts of the world and have imported three dogs from America.

I have many dog friends throughout the world, and I have my beautiful wife and gorgeous daughters, all because of Old English Sheepdogs.