Fiona Zammit (Club show)

Fiona Zammit

I started my love affair with Old English Sheepdogs in 1976 at the tender age of 14.  Most said that it will be a 9 day wonder but here we are 42 years later and I still love OES with all my heart.  My prefix is Dezignerz

I’m an Australian, living in Sydney with my wonderful family.  My husband, Rob, is a leading Veterinarian, specialising in Reproduction.  I have two beautiful daughters.  Family means the world to me.

My first dog was Ch Movama Starsky Star.  I was very lucky to start with a dog of this quality.  Sam was a Best In Show winner, an amazing way to start my show career and I was hooked!

Though I was young when I started with OES, I was dedicated.  I travelled overseas to learn about our breed.  This desire to know more led me to become a judge.  In 1986 I was granted my licence in OES and Bearded Collies.  Still I wanted to learn more, so I decided to study hard and was granted my licence in the (Australian) Working, Gundogs and Utility Groups.  Learning more about others breeds gives you a greater understanding of your own.  I have had the privilege of judging Specialty shows in America and Australia, to me the greatest honour as a judge.  I have also judge All Breeds shows in New Zealand, America and of course around Australia.

To help improve OES in Australia I have imported dogs and frozen semen from England and America. I have lost count of the Champions we have bred, not only in OES but German Shepherds, Pugs and Australian Shepherds

Health issues in OES are a major concern for me.  I believe in using every test that is available to breed sound, healthy OES.  As breeders we are the guardians of OES and our job is to hand on to the next generation dogs that will live long happy lives, conforming to our Breed Standard.

OES are my special joy in life.  There is no other breed like them.